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I am here to make things happen for your business.

It has always been the case that people who have known me would come to me for help to create something out from scratch, such as a customer service and technical support offshore call center team, a WebApp, a VoIP system, Accounting and Bookkeeping team, and more. In return, after hard work and research, I brought them growth and they brought me experience.

Nowadays, SEO is the blood of business and is a challenging task. It requires constant updates, research, knowledge, scale-ability, time, and patience which is what I do. And just like my clients, I want better results which is why I had started Synergistic Contact Center.

Technology and innovation is my passion. Success in Digital Marketing, Web/App Development, and in providing outsourcing solution was made possible through my Synergistic Team. Our constant upgrade and actual skill application for over 15 years gave us an edge. Harnessed by long years of experience which is evident to the result of our work and satisfied clients. Having said that, you know you are dealing with true and trusted expert.

Allow us to help, and bring value to your business. Our Digital Marketing had help companies to get the result they want and loved it. So should you! Come and test us out. 
Finally, here are the reasons why you should hire my team:

From Digital Marketing to back office support, and from creation of your WebApp/Mobile App, to any type of innovative requirements you may have – I am your one point of contact. I value an absolute personal integrity, and 100% transparency with an entrepreneurial mindset that thrives on challenges. Connect with me LIVE for more information and free consultation now. 

Founder and CEO – Geralyn Ty Chico       


Our Services


A custom dashboard that consolidates the performance of marketing across all social media, website, SEO & SEM in one easy to use platform.


Create and maintain a professional social media presence to connect and engage with customers building loyalty and brand following.


Engage with your customers with regular newsletter updates, event promotions, creative social media and display ads.


Lay the foundation of your digital estate covering word-class websites, engaging social assets etc.


Be visible & enhance exposure to your target audience through keyword optimization & content marketing.


Invest in online advertising to augment the reach of your digital estate and attract new customer segments.


Leverage off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions configured specifically for your company to benefit from online sales with minimal investment.

Augmented Reality Sample mobile products


Expert developers who cover business and consumer applications with particular expertise in concept design and low cost proto-typing.


Analysis of audience behaviors uncovers trends which can be exploited to achieve extraordinary results.