The Spark of Synergy

One Stop Outsourcing Solution

We offer a wide range of products and services from advanced Call Center IT Solutions, Customer Service, Call Center Assessments-Consolidation-Setup and Developers, to Robotic Automated Call Center Services.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products to support remote operations.

Why Choose Us? Our clients like us because we are eclectic, customer-centric, and with 15 years of experience. Services leveraged by our automated call systems monitored with high standard quality assurance support. Our center stands out because of our innovative phone system and continued development. With our experienced and professionally trained staff, we focus on providing quality, productive, and reliable services. Here’s what makes our team unique: Calls answered, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Callers can receive a high standard of services, with our seamless call integration achieved by a customized greeting with your organization’s name and services stated in the greeting, by a trained specialist to provide a service that brings total customer satisfaction.

Contact Center Services

Dedicated Toll Free Numbers & Caller ID

We provide a dedicated caller ID(s), both Toll-Free Numbers or Local Number, which customers can call back. A valid caller ID will help build trust in your call. You have the option to decide: between services without caller ID to where we will use your company’s number as our caller ID, or with one caller ID for all your company’s calls, and even different caller IDs for each campaign or company. All-inclusive to our cost-effective price point.

Real-Time Analytics

We provide a dedicated Campaign Manager, and all our project implementation comes with analytics on the service we provide. Our services offer 100% Transparency with the result of QA and KPI’s. You can access the real-time status of your campaign at any given moment and without having to ask a technician. You can update contact data and monitor overviews and data – all in one portal.

100% Call recordings

We provide a Call Monitoring & Recording, On-demand Recording that records call as a regular part of our workflow. Phone conversations are recorded one-way, two-way, or both-ways at the same time. It’s your choice.
You may also monitor and listen silently to ongoing calls. You can even send a message to the agent, which is very helpful during the training period.

In Bound Back Office Support

Call blending inbound calls with outbound campaigns – in a flexible way that supports peaks. We do not restrict the number of inbound lines and lets you configure an overflow-team, which will help with inbound calls during peak times

Call Portal Customization

Create your campaign with numerous possibilities to build with an unlimited number of data fields. You have full control over your data set and can control what information you want to store about your contacts, with No limit. Our fully customizable agent screen Create a mask that feels just right – you may add and customize it with scripting.

Auto-Predictive Outbound Dialing Telemarketing

Our services come with a preview and predictive dialer. It is useful when calling B2B and the most time-efficient feature when doing outbound. Calls monitored by AI decide how many simultaneous calls attempt to help increase productivity. Staff may choose the right dialing method for each campaign to prepare to attend calls.