The Creator’s Core Values

Augmented Reality or AR is the latest trend. Remember the Pokemon game era? AR is available for some time already. Hence, this year’s Augmented Reality API’s are booming again and had reached businesses and end users with a strong impact. As a result, the demand for all moving and dazzling visual overlays, texture synthesizing, and many other sensory projections brought by AR objects is staggering. Connect with me to get a prototype of your AR requirements.

“Look for 3 things in a person. Intelligence, Energy, & Integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two. “

– Warren Buffett
  • With over 15 years of Digital Marketing experience in conjunction with close teamed up with administration, full hands-on in event management, business development, research & analysis, including 6 years in the USA, 5 years in the Philippines, & 4 years in the UAE. It established my dexterity as the leader of this team.
  • I work directly with the main decision makers. I sit down and report a 100% transparent analysis supported by data, to help them make effective decisions. As an innovative business developer, it is my role to providing reports. The research analysis I conduct is important and is crucial to help business owners make effective digital marketing steps. These tasks are my constant breakthrough. Absolutely! Because after capturing data, analyzing and presenting it, an assurance on how the work should be done or where to start to resolved issues will unfold. It has increased my agility to know what there is to know and learn what needs to be learned to help guide my clients towards getting the best result they want.
  • Digital Marketing is Passion. I love what I do. There is joy after seeing the result of all our Digital Marketing hard work. That’s not all, the result is increased when you teach or share this work with a synergistic team of experts. Sales agents calling out for a lead generation, outbound sales, customer service, and collections, are few of the expertise I have with my team supporting SME’s to achieve results. I have a team that works with me from home sharing the same mental adroitness and vigor to generate results while enjoying the presence of their family at the comfort of home, made possible through technology.
  • I strongly believe in making a difference. This is why I created employment and skills-based group to create a difference to those SME’s whom I serve, and to the people that work for me. Outsourcing Business Processing Services is my expertise, which made it possible for me to provide an all-in-one service to fill the gap at the most affordable yet qualitative outsourcing services in the Philippines. I teach people soft skills to elevate lives, it’s a tough job, but it is rewarding.
  • Technology empowers creativity that is why I had expertized in the following platforms and frameworks:
    • CRM administration, migration & integration (Salesforce, Vtiger, Pipedrive, & more)
    • VoIP Integration and implementation (ViCi Dial, Xlite, Zoiper, Zoom, & more)
    • Video graphics design & video editing (with Adobe Creative Cloud & Camtasia)
    • Blogging, content writing, and keyword search
    • SEO and Analytics guru (Analytics and admin consul, Tag Manager, Marketing Automation, FB Pixel, & more)
    • PPC Social Media (LinkedIn, G+, 2Gis, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & more), and AdWords (Google, Yahoo & Bing), Marketing Campaign optimization and management
    • Video and Graphics Design (Adobe Photoshop and more)
    • Email marketing (Mail Chimp & GoDaddy)
    • Robotic data mining (UiPath, Email extractor, and more)
    • Web and Apps Development


Sample Email Marketing Work


Video Graphics Designs:


Creations that Generates RESULTS


Super AVGO man is a character I created to introduce our brand and to run a sports fest campaign.

I created monthly catchy graphics designs for all our drivers to promote our brand, and to introduce “Super AVGO Man” See the T-shirt prints closely.

A personalized mug with our customer’s name on it created an impact to remind of our brand – I designed it for a giveaway to our new and regular customers.

There’s no better way to make them think of you when drinking from this beautiful Mug. Call me for a personalized mug and give your customers a warm giveaway.

Designs Portfolio




2017 – Present

Online Pathway to Continual Education for TESOL MA:

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA

BYU – Hawaii

2007 – 2011

Bachelor of Arts University Studies

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA
International Tourism and Business Management

PSTC – Philippines Science and Technology College

2000 – 2003

Associates Degree in Information Technology
Computer Technology and Networking
Geralyn the Creator is a Fruit of a Self-Supporting Independent Student
I am a millennial and my dream is bigger than me. I came from a humble family with a noble single mother who had raised us all by herself. She is a strong woman who can climb our rooftop and do carpentry just like men. One day she said, “Geralyn when you reach college you will have to stand on your own and work hard to support yourself.” That’s what I did and that’s where it all started.
I was hired as a cashier in a fast food chain, and the company decided that they wanted me to do marketing for them. I brought monthly 15% sale increase to our FDS (Fast Delivery Service), and that was my stepping stone to discover more about what I can do, and eventually finish my two years degree in Information Technology in the Philippines.
My journey didn’t stop there. Inspired people who had seen what I am capable to do had brought me to BYU-Hawaii because they saw a potential in me to make a difference.
I was a self-supporting student at the Polynesian Cultural Center for more than 4 years. Through the help of scholarships, and people who trusted and believed in me, I successfully earned my BA degree in Brigham Young University – Hawaii.
The fuel of each of my success is the dream to make a difference and become an influence for good. It was and is never easy and I am still a work in progress to get to where I want to be. Life has so much to offer, and so do I. I love to create and to bring a positive difference. I want to create something new, which is why I do Digital Marketing – This skill is the hobby that gives me more room to explore my talents & versatility to make a difference in the lives of those my influence can reach.