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I am a millennial and my dream is bigger than me. I came from a humble family with a noble single mother who had raised us all by herself. She is a strong woman who can climb our rooftop and do carpentry just like men. She taught me hard work and perseverance, she said: “Geralyn when you reach college you will have to stand on your own and work hard to support yourself.” That’s what I did and that’s where it all started.
I was hired as a cashier in a fast food chain, and the company decided that they wanted me to do marketing for them. I brought 15% sale increase to FDS (Fast Delivery Service), and that was my stepping stone to finish my two years degree in Information Technology.
My journey didn’t stop there. Inspired people had brought me to BYU-Hawaii because they saw a potential in me. I earned my BA degree in Brigham Yung University – Hawaii and had specialized in International Business and Tourism Management. I had also taken TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) as my minor.
The fuel of each of my success is my faith, my childhood, my mom, and my dream which is to make a difference and become an influence for good. I love education, it empowers me to create and to bring something new, which is why I do Digital Marketing – This skill is the hobby that gives me more room to explore my talents & versatility.

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      1. Jealous jealous jealous 😅😅😆 I remember being kicked out of high school choir because my voice couldn’t “fall” anywhere on the music scale… Good old times 😐😕

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