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We are a team of synergistic developers and innovators with a minimum of 15+ years of expertise – we help entrepreneurs, SMEs, and corporates to achieve their goals on digital platform to add value and bringing positive ROI. We create disruptive innovation.

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Dario Cruz Miñoza

Front end and Back end
Head Developer

Dominique Ty Chico

Ecommerce and Digital Media

GenieRose Van Moorsel

UAE Content Designer and Copywriter

Daniel Gifford

Strategic USA Partner

William Gigger

Strategic USA Partner

Geralyn Ty Chico

CEO | Founder

1-stop-Tunkey Solution

Geralyn.TEch / digimart FZ LLC

Making a difference is the core value of Geralyn.Tech – licensed in UAE RAKEZ as DigiMart FZ LLC.

Since 2005, business owners would come to us for help. We had provided services like customer service and technical supports, offshore call center inbound-outbound phone support, telemarketing, call center solutions, and remote call center and office setup. We do Digital Marketing, Websites Development, Mobile Apps Development, social media Managment, Content Creation, Security System Installation, Network Infrustructure Security and Installation, VoIP system installations, and more. We brought our customers growth by creating tailor-made solutions to meet our constantly changing client’s requirements.

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Founder and CEO – Geralyn Ty Chico

Discover Effective Digital Marketing Strategies that works

SEO is the blood of successful business online. It is a challenging task that requires an intensive level of expertise to achieve target results. It requires constant disruptive innovation and new strategies to compete. Allow our team to bring you result generating and much more cost-effective services. 

Get your business ready to become visible online by having an optimized website

100% result-generating strategies designed to boost your business’s online visibility and fuel it with a stream of new leads. This is done via email marketing, social media, google ads,  content productions (blogs, videos, posters, and more).

Boost your reputation and customers Engagement online

Connect with your customers and potential clients with targeted online communication that converts such as email marketing, chatbot automation, social media posters, and more.

Proven Expert

15+ Years Of Experience In Digital Disruptive Innovation

Eclectic and Customer-Centric

Do you need to hire help from a trusted marketing agency in the UAE?

  • Our team is a diverse group of marketers. We offer the best SEO and Digital Marketing consultation, training, and services. We also have graphic designers who can whip up logos and templates, SEO specialists who work algorithm alchemy, and eloquent copywriters who add magic to newsletters. And these are just a snapshot of what we can do. With proven experts with over ten years minimum experience, we have the right person—in the right place, with the skill set—to complement your specific marketing needs.

Are we eager to tackle large-scale projects?

  • Yes, we can do big and small projects. We have successfully done big development projects for eCommerce, SAAS, Web Apps, and Mobile Apps. We are also dedicated to help SMEs and can do small projects too. If you are looking for a personal touch, working with our team is hard to beat. We empathize with the challenges that a business owner faces and celebrate your successes alongside you.

Do you have a set budget and are not sure where to start?

  • Talk to us about your budget and what action items we can recommend tackling out of the gate. Remember that marketing is an upfront investment that delivers returns over the long run—money strategically spent early on can drive revenue. As revenue grows, you’ll be able to invest in more marketing upgrades. 
  • No matter what your budget is, we are the partner that is right for you. 


Quick Turnaround Projects: What to Expect When You Choose Our Services

Quick (24-72 hours)

  • New account set up (email, social media, and more)
  • Integrations
  • Ads Template redesign
  • Quick Website Update
  • SEO Preliminary audit
  • Sign-up forms
  • Business Cards

Pretty quick (up to a week)

  • Automation and customer journeys
  • Custom templates and landing pages
  • Logo design
  • In-depth audit
  • Landing page
  • Brochures
  • Video graphics

Longer-term projects (more than a week)

  • Website development
  • Marketing strategy (SEM & SEO)
  • Custom API integrations
  • Setting up an online store
  • SAAS Development
  • Mobile App Development

Service Specialties


Experience our user-friendly analytics dashboard to manage the performance of all your marketing initiatives across social media, website, SEO, & SEM hassle-free.


Lay the foundation of your digital estate with an interactive websites, that promotes not only your business but will also optimized your visibility online.


Maintaining a professional social media presence not only promotes customer engage but also build your brand and generate followers.


Be visible & enhance exposure to your target audience through keyword optimization & content marketing.


Low-cost prototype and concept design for your desired iOS and Android applications to help increase results for your business and consumer experience.


Cost effective and high standard back office support to help you increase result and exceed customer satisfaction.

Other Expertise

Backlinks and Link Building


Sit back & relax while we create a meaningful and relevant blogs and do an SEO friendly link building and SEO friendly backlinks for you.

Online Marketing and Advertisement


Invest more on online advertising to augment the reach of your digital estate and attract new customer segments and increased revenue.

B2B Email Blast


Engage with your customers with regular newsletter updates, event, promotions, creative social media post - email blast, and generate new customers.

OBS - Virtual Conference Support


Focus on your programs & presentations & be ready to go LIVE! Let the expert do all complex configurations, backup support, & drive event engagement to help you reach more customers.

Ecommerce Development and Management


Leverage off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions custom-made for your business to benefit from online sales with minimal investment.

Facebook Page and Chat robot integrated support


Do not miss any opportunity, let us help you customize a chat support that fit perfectly with your business needs. Both robotic chat support and live person support - we got it covered.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

common questions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy to improve the organic visibility of your business content online. It is free and highly recommended for all types of organizations. 

Digital marketing contributes to the success of your SEO initiative. It involves Social Media Management (posting, customer interaction, customer retention), Email marketing and automation, Online Ads, Blogging, and more. The more activity you will do online will bring better ranking and more visibility. Therefore, these activities that generate results must be going and done regularly.

Step 1: After we uncover your requirements – we will send you a scope of work that will contain all necessary tasks required to generate our desired results. It will contain the hours that will be spent per task and the price quotation.
Step 2: We will outline the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and you will be updated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis (whichever you prefer) for the ongoing updates.
Step 3: All of these are done after paying half of the cost of the SOW. This is to secure that our people are paid and to avoid delinquent customers on our end.

Results only come after honest work and when it is done with ethics – results will naturally follow. We do not promise huge results but we promise a step by step procedures that will help bring the end result. We never overpromise, we want to make sure our customers understand the task involved and we do 100% transparency with our work to help customers experience the journey to get to the top. It works for us, this type of procedure is called whitehat. Integrity and the ethical process are what we are known for.

While having an employee is a must-have, securing that your employees are assessed and consulted by a real expert is a necessity in order for you to generate results. But if you are looking for secured results with the perk of not having to worry about providing a visa to your salaried employee(s), you will need help from a true expert. We are your secured point of contact that can fill that gap. Our services are result-driven. Generating result is the blood of our business. That is why we provide better than the best services. Talk to us to learn more.

For SEO and Digital Marketing, it will take 6 to 12 months to see the overall result.

For SEM, it will take no less than one month. And from the result of your Test Beta A & B, you will see the results of your ads and can decide which ads will make it to the next level of your investments.

Step 1: We will need to make sure that all tools necessary for SEO and Digital Marketing for your business are ready such as website, google tools integrations, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, Instagram Page, Twitter Page, Google My Business Page, and all other social media channels integrated and connected to our social media management portal.

Step 2: We will outline the monthly task and end goal to get the result we want to generate online.

Step 3: We will create Digital Marketing Content, will run ads (optional), and will provide you with ongoing and regular reports on a weekly and monthly basis – you will understand how we reach our ultimate goal.

For all our USA and Canada clients, our invoice comes with a payment portal. You can pay using card or PayPal accounts.

For our UAE clients, you may pay via our eCommerce service payment portal. 

No matter what your budget is, we are the partner that is right for you. We charge anywhere from AED 100 to AED 800 per hour. But don’t let sticker shock set in—many marketing tasks can take as little as an hour (or less) to execute, and some would cost you AED 400 to AED 2500 per hour. How much something costs should always correlate to the scope of the project. That is how we work. Driven by generating results, our work is 100% transparent and straightforward – because your trust and the ROI of your investments matter most.

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