SEO Friendly Website Designs

Online Booking Website

We developed an interactive and SEO friendly website for Sunbeam Clean to not only connect to their customers and cleaning technicians but also to put the company on the map. In just less than 1 year, Sunbeam Clean is getting not only visibility online but also organic customers from the web.

The websites is designed with booking tools connected to company's calendar. Which tool enable Sunbeam Clean to send emails to its cleaning technician direct form its booking tickets.

All chats are connected to the Facebook Page of Sunbeam Clean, which enable the website and Facebook page be managed using Facebook page.


We developed this startup with the idea of helping restaurants with their Google reviews for ReviewRecipe. We provided a SAAS web tool that streamlines the process of allowing customers to quickly leave a Google review after their dining experience. And on top of that, we gave their businesses exposure in over 60 different online directories to make sure their brand is pervasive online. And we provided a personalized two-way communication tool to allow restaurant owners to chat with customers. For ReviewRecipe customers, this has led to a 50% increase in sales in less than a year.

All this takes a great deal of thoughtful design, intensive backend integration between multiple SAAS vendors, and listening to our clients - all to get this product a home run for the future.

Current E-commerce Website

Cuda's Customs is a manufacturer of marine accessories in the USA. They aim to increase more visibility and conversion. The first step is to optimized and develop an E-commerce website that can convert into sales, and will leave a wow factor to prospective customers. This E-commerce web design is not only fully optimized but also ready to reach all target customers throughout the USA. Checkout to see the difference of their BEFORE and AFTER website design.

Non-Profit SAAS

PartnerGauge provides non-profit companies with one site for corporate sponsorship research and sponsorship training. This project wraps its arms around big data, with over 14+ million companies available for our users to search, with extensive data on each company. There were significant challenges to designing a simple interface to allow users to search for a company and display company details pulling from multiple data sources. Users wanted to search for 14+ million company data and display company details on our website lighting fast. We also had to provide a training platform for new hires unfamiliar with the corporate sponsorship process.

With in-depth user feedback, we created a design that is simple and intuitive. And we leveraged the big data to bring massive amounts of information to the user's fingertips - just one click search brought them to the information they need.

Dermatologist Website

Skin Allergy Center not only desired a well-maintained and stunning website but also more visibility and new customers. After 1 year 216 % Increase in Web traffic was generated. On top of that PAID SEARCH had a 500% Increase, ORGANIC SEARCH had a 255% increase and a 150% increase in Facebook Fallowers. By Volume & % increase, the most effective digital marketing has been through our Organic Search Program and all of this are made possible through optimizing Skin Allergy Center website, and all digital marketing effort.

Other Website Projects